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I have worked with art in a variety of media for over 30 years, from digital media through paint, stone and paper. I have taught graphics programs and continue to use and build digital art.

As a self taught artist I have been able to explore a wide range of forms and media with no fear of criticism or failure. This has enabled me to develop my own personal style at my own pace.

I have studied exclusively with Robert Cunningham at the Cunningham Studio in Culver City, CA from 1986 until 2004.

I now develop my vision and work at Teale Street Sculpture Studio with George Layafette, as well as manage the studio with over 30 working sculptors.

I work in stone, metal, clay, resin, concrete and whatever else I can find to shape.

Artist's Statement

When I approach a piece of stone or wood I look to bring out the aesthetic beauty inherent in the material. I study the piece to create a form that utilizes the shape to its fullest while imposing my will, creativity and design upon it.

To me, the feeling and texture of the material allows me to intertwine the smooth and rough aspects of each sculpture. The sensuality and process invites the viewer to touch and feel each and everyone of my creations.

As I have developed my own personal style I have been influenced by other sculptors such as Constatin Brancusi, Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso. The honoring of form, the love of material, the worship of the figure and the abstraction of life.