Lee has worked with art in a variety of media for over 30 years, from digital media through paint, stone and paper. He has taught graphics programs and continues to use and build digital art.

As a mostly self taught artist Lee has been able to explore a wide range of forms and media with no fear of criticism or failure. This has enabled him to develop his own personal style at his own pace.

He worked exclusively with Robert Cunningham at the Cunningham Studio in Culver City, CA from 1986 until 2004. Lee now works from his own studio in Los Angeles.

Lee works in stone, metal, clay, resin, concrete and whatever else he can find to shape.

Artist's Statement

Each material has an inate essence, my work is to bring that out, creating contemporary adaptations of classical themes. From an update of northwest Totems to abstract forms to my individual interpretation of human form, I use my love of traditional and native heritage to see the beauty and meaning in everyday life.

The work is a wide range of three-dimensional media including a variety of stone (marble, alabaster, limestone, soapstone, steatite, chlorite), wood (walnut, eucalyptus, pine), metal, clay, concrete and resin, occasionally combining them.

One of the main things that appeals to me about sculpture is that it is tactile. I love to touch and caress the stone and wood, especially when it is highly polished, and I encourage others to touch my work. It adds an entire level of appreciation and understanding I don’t find elsewhere in art.


National Sculpture Society

International Society of Artists